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Litro Magazine

'White Deer'

First place winner of The Art of Reflection Competition 2022

I was ten when my father first spoke of the deer. He sat at the dining room table, a cup of hot coffee out in front of him, steam floating under his chin. It was autumn, the morning air was cold, the house drafty with the scent of dead leaves. My father’s eyes, a royal blue, were glowing as he talked about the deer. I watched hunched over my oatmeal, the smell of maple all around me, brown sugar coated the back of my throat.

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Recovery Diaries

chesanek .png

'PTSD: The Unlikely Disease that Brought my Father and I Together'

If I’m crazy, then so was my father.

Growing up, I was always told I was a lot like him. It was true, I had inherited many of his traits: stubborn independence, obsessive drive, and effortless concealment of anxiety. I was close with my mom and sister, but everyone knew I was daddy’s little girl. I’d keep him company in the garage as he’d saw precious woods into various shapes and sizes, and I’d pile the sawdust into small mounds, pretending it was food for make-believe customers. We’d repeatedly watched Lady and the Tramp on VHS, my father always imitating the whistling beaver. I’d laugh every time he said the word “ttthhh-ycamore” between his teeth. He showed me how to ride a bike without training wheels when I was small, then later taught me to drive a car at age sixteen, my white knuckles clenched the steering wheel as tightly as they once did around the handlebars.

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Feature Articles


Cellar Master Alice Tétienne Carries on the Female Legacy of Champagne Henriot

Tétienne spoke to VinePair about growing up in Champagne, her love for winemaking, and why we need to shine a brighter light on the women in this industry.

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BroadwayWorld Food & Wine

Odo Lounge

A Flatiron hideaway specializing in Japanese whisky and modern Japanese comfort food.

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The Brooklyn Rail

Jami Attenberg’s I Came All This Way to Meet You: Writing Myself Home


Jami Attenberg’s (The Middlesteins) new memoir, I Came All This Way to Meet You: Writing Myself Home, is sort of a manifesto to the struggling writer. Well, at least it was for me. Each chapter explored the complications of pursuing creativity while getting knocked down in the process, both by the industry and by self-doubt, only to finally achieve some success and wonder what it all really means. 

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