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A Flawed Man 


Locked up inside the state penitentiary for a crime he didn't commit, David is left with no one to trust, including his lawyer and best friend Mike who may be hiding secrets of his own. With no one by his side, David's fearful he'll never be set free, leaving him to take drastic matters into his own hands.


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The Rumpus

You Are Your Own Director: A Conversation with Karen Finley

Karen Finley is as bold as they come. While her work varies in mediums—poetry, prose, and, performance art—it is always controversial. She fuses together anger and humor to help dismember American politics and the public sexual innuendoes that go hand-in-hand with it. But Finley’s boldness has cost her in the past.
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PANK Magazine

[REVIEW] Luster by Raven Leilani

Raven Leilani’s Luster is a smart and bold exploration of self-worth and self-appreciation wriggled from a love triangle gone strange and a sense of urgency to understand the world around us.

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8 of the Most Terrifying Mothers in Crime Fiction​

Crime fiction is the go-to genre for bad mothers. That’s because it lends itself to stories of intoxicating female dysfunction with anti-hero protagonists we love to hate. Maybe we’re so interested in reading about bad mothers in fiction because they aren’t real (and no children are actually getting hurt), or perhaps it’s simply the delight of voyeurism—mothers are not supposed to behave this way, and yet they do.

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